Joana Carla O. Cadiente

I am your rockstar VA

about me

I am a mother of two, and being motivated and determined is given once you are already a mother, and I can say it is achievable.

Daydreaming is my past, I know and I believe that I have the skill to make an impact. It is very clear to me that working hard and setting your mind to it will play a big part in becoming successful. So I don’t just dream, I do it and work hard for it.

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My Traits as an employee

Team player

it is very clear to me that being able to engage with the team and collaborate as an equal is necessary.



I can commit of showing up on time and providing deliverables accordingly, but dependability as I am aware of is more than that. I can say it is about general attitude, willingness to contribute and flexibility to fulfill the needs of a project with skills and resources that are not always in your job description.



“They say the devil is in the details, and quite often it is a little thing someone has overlooked along the way that ends up being the hiccup at the end of a project.” I am very aware that looking not just the “big-picture focus but even the little things. That for me is being detail-oriented.

Skills that I can Offer

Graphic design

I can create visual designs using Canva, adobe photoshop, illiustrator, and indesign.



 Managing, monitoring, and implementing social media strategy to increase leads/sales. Part of it is to develop relevant content topics through day-to-day activities.

Cold calling / appointment setting

 I can make inbound and outbound calls for real estate sales calls and leads calls.


 I can take-in-charge of planning and managing marketing campaigns using Trello, Canva Business, Hubspot, Slack, Mailchimp, and Hootsuite.

Applications That I use